The Power of Motivation

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Do you ever feel like this when it is time to face the world? I have had many of these days recently and it is tough to move forward when your motivation starts to slow down. Don’t feel like you are the only one because, believe me, you are not!  When this happens I know it is time to recharge but sometimes it is difficult to figure out what you need to get back into the groove.

I suggest to first


Take a couple breaths and evaluate your current situation. Are you on the go 24/7? Have you taken a minute for yourself in the last week? If not, you need to! I take my lack of motivation as a sign. Just this week I had a handful of orders but instead of immediately pouncing on them I decided to paint something for myself. I truly believe by doing that it reminded me of all the joy I get out of creating! Your recharge doesn’t have to be anything big: go to lunch with a friend you haven’t seen in a while, get a massage, go for a walk, play with your child, etc.


Don’t let these kinds of days discourage you. All I do is think about how far I have come in achieving my goals and that is motivation in its self. We are allowed to have these “ice cream hitting the cement” kind of days. I say when this happens go and get two scoops!


Motivation has a large impact on how far we strive for our dreams so take a moment to think about who, what, where motivates you! I’ll tell you some things I think about: future, happiness, family, me, purpose, independence.  Never give up during these times and always power forward, because they are just roadblocks that I know you can jump over.

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