The Raddest Back to School Supplies EVER

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Sigh– summer is almost gone. But YAY for back to school, fall, holidays, leaves, layers, and pumpkins. I mean, we still have a couple weeks left until September arrives, but it’s actually the perfect time to start getting your ducks in a row (aka all of your supplies) for back to school. Whether you’re nudging your little into first grade or getting ready for your first day of college, these are the supplies you totally want to kick start your school year and make you the raddest kid around.


1. Back to School Bento Box
Because compartmentalized lunch has never looked so darn cute.

2. Mean Girls Pencils
These are definitely conversation starters! Your seat mate will be totally jelly when she sees these, BUT she’ll know you have great taste and voila! A friendship is born.

3. Sushi USB
To pair with your bento box, duh! Ha, kidding. While this sushi looks edible, it’s not, but it is perfect for storing all of your files in between classes.

4. Baggu Leopard Bag
Pack all your grrrrowl power into this super chic Baggu backpack. All if your new knick knacks will looks great in this accessory.

5. Staple-Less Stapler
These little gadgets “staple” your paper by punching a small, neat hole in your documents and folding the remaining flaps together in a secure binding. That means, YOU NEVER RUN OUT OF STAPLES.

6. Theft Deterrent Moldy Sandwich Bags
You think they’re moldy.. but they’re not! These sandwiches are amazing especially if you share a dorm with others. Everything will think your snacks have gone bad– but truth is you’re just hoarding them for yourself 😉

7. Peekaboo Folio + Stickers
Keep all your documents and important files in this ultra-cool folio. The stickers are a fun touch that are an absolute must!

8. Double Tip Deco Pens
5 glorious pastel pens with a marker tip and fine tip– perfect for doodling, notes, and signing your autograph when you get famous.

Woohoo– back to school can be a bittersweet time (bye Summer!) but there’s so much to look forward to. Which back to school accessory is your fave?

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