Watercolor Art Supplies to Create Your Own Script

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Water Colors

Hey Everyone! So I told you I would give you a list of watercolor art supplies I use when practicing watercolor script. You really only need a few items and then practice, practice, practice!!

1. First let’s talk brushes. I like to use a smaller round brush like the one here . For this brand I suggest a #6. A smaller size gives you more control of the brush and makes your lines cleaner. You have less brush to complete your strokes, so the length of the brush doesn’t get in the way. Of course a larger brush works when you have a rather large piece of paper.

2. I like to use practice paper to start because when you first start you are just learning and you go through a lot of paper. You can even just practice on computer paper and as you get better switch to watercolor paper found here . This paper is more cost effective but as you get better you can switch to even better paper found here .

3. I really like using Soho paints. They are so dense in color, a little goes a long way. You should start with a classic black and then once you get better you can start mixing colors.

4. I love using a disposable palette, such as this one . It is so easy to travel with and it gives me enough space to mix colors if I need to.

All these items can be found at Jerry’s Artarama.

I hope this gives you a good start when practicing watercolor lettering/script. It takes practice but if you have good watercolor art supplies, it makes a world of difference!

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*note all photos from Jerry’s Artarama

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