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High Fashion Art

Happy Tuesday Everyone! Hope everyone had a creative weekend. This weekend I had some down time to work on some projects that I have on my long to do list. For some odd reason, I usually get my best ideas at night. I find I always get over excited right before I have to go to bed, so I am on Pinterest past midnight. I do not recommend this but sometimes my brain does not shut off! Anyone else have this problem?

Today I want to give you a small preview of what I have been working on! If you follow me, you know I love to paint fashion illustrations. Some of the detail designers put into each of their garments is absolutely amazing. I sometimes like to picture myself in these high fashions and painting them makes each picture a little more clear.

I remember my Aunt buying a Barbie software for fashion design and I think that is when I gained a real interest in creating clothes: whether it was sketching or actual making. I always have had a dream of breaking into the fashion industry: more of the branding side with my paintings. I may get there but as of right now I can appreciate exploring and creating my favorite fashions! I say never give up on your dreams and always work toward them. Enjoy!


highfashion2-1 highfashion3-1edited

Keep Creating,


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