Our Vibe

For the modern-day girl who

Brightens up the world like a STARBURST, lives on the corner of HEART and hustle, has her head in the CLOUDS and her feet on the ground, has a penchant for FASHION, praises patterns & her POOCHES, mixes her own (super dope) beat, rocks a top-knot and GRAPHIC TEE, is always ready to shake it like a POLAROID, and knows how to get shit done her way…

idieh design will help you

Who I Be
Hi! I’m Heidi. Graphic Designer, Brand Stylist,
and Small Town Girl with a BIG Imagination.

I’ve got mad love for textiles, fashion, photography and food. Black and white has always been a make-me-smile combo. And when it comes to design aesthetics, my heart skips a beat for simple and structured.


Helping girls celebrate what makes them rock so hard. Whether that means injecting personality into your brand, stylin’ up your stationery, distilling your uniqueness into eye candy, or bringing unexpected inspiration to your daily grind—you can always count on me to funk up convention.


That sharing the confetti pops and hard knocks of your life is what paves the way for connection, and that our hearts are only fully amped when we own our story and live our style.


Live like a boombox.  Keep it real, not perfect. Wear your heart inside-out.

The Short ‘n’ Sweet (like me)

The Short ‘n’ Sweet (like me)