Unity Through Community

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  Credit to Bron Hansboro, CeCe Todd & Tammy Fleuch for the creation of the above logo. I recently tuned in to listen to Terrica & Friends Town Hall: Healing Wounds & Bridging Gaps: An Honest Conversation about Race & Allyship in the Wedding Industry. Yes, I’m in the wedding industry, and that’s how I was made aware of this conversation taking place, but I didn’t go into it with my wedding industry hat on. I went into it to learn as an individual and to gain perspective and insight from others on a more personal level. (Not to mention, I feel like a majority of the conversation that happened needs to be heard by all, no matter your industry, to understand the learnings and unlearnings that need to happen among white people for us to dismantle systemic racism.) Because I’m a one-woman show at idieh design, I am the face of the brand. … Read More

NEW WEBSITE LAUNCH – Too Legit to Quit

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Omg! It’s finally here – the fresh, inspiring, and oh-so-rad NEW idieh design site! (Let’s just say we are for sure shaking our tail feathers!) It’s been a labor of love for the past few months, and I couldn’t be more excited to open the doors of the brand new, bright & sparkly website that screams the idieh design brand from head to toe. As the owner & founder of idieh design, I wanted to share more of my own story and the journey I’ve traveled to get here, as well as share inspiration to empower other totally awesome girls to own their story and live their style, too! Within the new and improved version of idiehdesign.com, you will find paper trails of pretty (wedding stationery galore), brand collaborations that have allowed us to let our true talent shine, and finally, all the designs we have available in our idieh design shop! And, you know it’s … Read More

Cricut: Meet the Maker – DIY Whimsical Wedding Stationery

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Whimsical Wedding

It’s no secret that I adore my CRICUT EXPLORE™ and I jumped at the chance to design a DIY wedding invitation suite for their recently launch wedding collection. They asked me to focus on a whimsical theme, and since whimsical and playful are right up my alley, it was a no-brainer to create this DIY Whimsical Wedding Stationery suite. Since I had so many amazing ideas that were inspired by the whimsical theme, I brought the magical touch to the entire wedding suite. For a further look at the full DIY Whimsical Wedding Stationery theme, check out Part One & Part Two. To put the icing on the cake, the awesome team members from Cricut invited me for an interview so their clients could meet the maker behind the designs. {Cue the confetti!} I was stoked! Not only did I get to design an exclusive wedding stationery collection, but the people behind Cricut were so impressed … Read More

idieh shop SPRING // SUMMER GIVEAWAY worth over $230!

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Ah! It’s here! It’s finally here. It’s something I’ve been working hours on end to get ready to show you guys because I’m just so excited about it. And just a teeny bit proud of. I want to officially announce the launch of my brand spankin’ new spring/summer collection for the idieh design online shop. WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO! So many news things to announce: For the first time, we’re launching our kids’ collection including the Legit Tees for kids. If you’re in desperate need of a new phone case, print or tee, we have new designs that are calling your name. AND…we also launched a new shop site to make your shopping experience even better. Boom.     1. Pyrite Cluster Stud Earrings // Adam Rabbit Jewelry  • 2. Aztec Top Knot Baby Beanie & Swaddle Set // KB Cute Designs  •  3. Urban Karma Boomerang 30″ Necklace // LotusGirl  • … Read More

The Confetti Foundation // Birthday Fairy

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As kids, what’s the one thing you always looked forward to, year after year? The time when family & friends came together to celebrate YOU. When you couldn’t wait to blow out the candles so you could stuff your face with cake. Your birthday! But, imagine being in the hospital during your yearly celebration and having to give up the balloons, the time with friends, the candles, and let’s be honest, the presents. Enters The Confetti Foundation. The Confetti Foundation brings birthday celebrations to children who spend their birthdays in the hospital. How amazing & full of love is that?I don’t recall when I first discovered this adorable organization, but one thing’s for sure is that as soon as I heard about them, I KNEW I had to get involved. As my organization of choice to give back to in 2015 (and plans for many years to come!), I recently partnered with the … Read More

Expand Your Reach Podcast

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This month, I did something I never thought I would do. Something a little bit terrifying (okay, a lot a bit terrifying), but super rewarding. If you guessed that I had a dance off with Usher, the answer is – not yet, but that’s still on the list of things to do. I guest starred on a podcast! I was interviewed by Dana Malstaff, founder of the Expand Your Reach podcast. Dana is a creator, innovator, strategist and a downright kick-ass #girlboss who loves Harry Potter just as much as I do. During our time, we chatted about my ‘why’ (& the journey I took to discover it), if I could do anything in the world what it would be, and how my dream of idieh design came to life. For more on my story, and maybe a thing or two that could add to yours, check out the podcast here: The Story Behind … Read More

Free April Wallpaper Download

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A new month means a ! Use April’s wallpaper download as a reminder to take time for yourself amidst the constant chaos surrounding you. Especially as a business owner, it is easy to concentrate so much on your brand but not nearly enough on yourself. Take time for coffee with an old friend, movie night with your boo, or a night out with your favorite girlfriends. What’s your favorite way to take time for yourself?

New faces: what’s the big idieh? new blog contributors

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Something we’ve been working on for a while is adding new personalities and perspectives to our blog. The day is finally here and we have some faces to introduce you to as new blog contributors! You’ll see their posts weekly on what’s the big idieh? so here is a little intro into the newest idieh rockstars: Mollie Sheperdson / Fashion I’m a Midwestern girl currently living out my dreams in NYC. I grew up with a keen eye for style, and with the encouragement of friends and family, A Stylish Side Project was born. When I’m not blogging, I’m working my day job in corporate retail. A few of my favorite things (besides fashion, of course) are my dog Daisy, rose macarons, Pure Barre, and coffee. Sami Davis / Home Decor, Parties, Organization and Business  Hi there! I’m Sami Davis – Blogger, DIY-er, Paper Lover, & Ice Cream Addict. I currently reside in SoCal, … Read More

Tuesday Tricks

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Hi friends, Caelen here! Today I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite tricks to keeping a neat office space. Keeping an organized office space is one of the most difficult things for me, because I feel like I always have so many different things going on at once. Can you relate? This week’s tricks will help keep your space, (and brain for that matter), tidy throughout your week! What are your office tricks? Between so many different client files and images on my computer, my desktop becomes bogged down really quickly. Thanks to the Cloud from Cloud File Solutions, I get to keep all of my files off of my desktop, while still easily accessible in a cute metal cloud perched on my actual desk! Who knew a tape dispenser would be something to get excited about? The bold colors and shape of the tape dispenser … Read More