Mermaid Shell-a-Bration Featured on Style Me Pretty

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mermaid shell-a-bration

When something as spectacular and fun as a Mermaid Shell-a-bration happens, word travels fast! Our friends over at Style Me Pretty loved the splash this mermaid birthday shell-a-bration made so much they gave us a special shout out! Check out the full featured mermaid shell-a-bration now! The bright colors of this underwater dream bought this party to life for a little mermaid in training! Not to mention, you can capture the essence of this mermaid birthday party for yourself with the easy DIY steps shown in the Mermaid Shell-A-Bration (with the help of your CRICUT EXPLORE™ of course!) From the ice cream bowl wraps, to the mermaid fin cake topper, the decor of this DIY mermaid birthday party truly captured what it means to be a mermaid with a birthday! The entire day was such a blast and every little mermaid in attendance felt right at home. And, we must … Read More

Cricut Room Makeover with J-14 and Jenna Ortega

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Cricut Jenna Ortega

OMG, it’s been such an exciting few months and I finally get to share some of the reasons why! I, along with J-14 magazine and the oh-so-awesome team of Cricut, was given the opportunity to totally makeover a room for the adorable teen star, Jenna Ortega! Let me tell you, it was such an incredible experience. From selecting amazing furniture & decor from Hayneedle to traveling to Palm Springs to make it all come to life, it was an opportunity for the books! Not to mention, Jenna has a heart of pure gold, and the best part…I found she was like a mini version of myself – which made this project that much more special. Transforming this up-and-coming teen’s room wasn’t just about the room makeover. It was about giving a teen sister duo a space they felt amazing to be in, all while growing with them throughout their teen years. I wasn’t just designing … Read More

3 Hacks To Making Holiday Card Writing A Breeze

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Cards Lists

Maybe you’re like me and you absolutely LOVE writing cards to people. Or maybe you are like my husband, who considers writing cards a fate worse than death (sorry for outing you honey!). Either way, it is the time of year where you are likely gearing up to send out all of those holiday cards, and the task can seem overwhelming. That’s why I’ve put together these three hacks so you can get those cards done! Holiday Card Writing Hack #1 – Make an Outline Come up with an overall idea of what you plan to say. By this, I mean, are you writing about your life or are you writing to send your best wishes to the recipients? Or maybe it’s both. Either way, having an outline of what you plan to say will keep you from stressing each time you sit down to write the card. Holiday Card Writing Hack #2 … Read More

3 Ways To Outsmart The Black Friday Madness

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Some people love the thrill of camping out or staying up for days on end just to be one of the first people in line to nab that killer Black Friday deal. If this is you, then awesome! Enjoy it 🙂 For the rest of us though, we need our rest and can’t handle the thought of dealing with the crowds on top of dealing with everything else that the holidays bring. This is why I put together a quick hit list for the three ways you can outsmart Black Friday and still score some amazing deals! (Plus, you can do all of these while sitting in your PJs) (1) Shop Online While there are some stores that do in-store exclusive deals, many of these deals are also available online. While this may require you to stay up late (for me, that was 4am last year), you can then sleep in … Read More

3 Steps + 15 Minutes to a More Peaceful Bedroom

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3 Steps + 15 Minutes to a More Peaceful Bedroom

  Your bedroom is supposed to be a sacred place. A place where you go to relax, decompress, and fall asleep peacefully and smoothly. . .Buuuuut, how many of us have a bedroom that is crowded with stuff, from the multiple versions of outfits we tried on that morning, to random things that were placed there because we had no where else to put them? Having a cluttered bedroom is bad on your psyche. From the moment you wake up, it’s like a little injection of stress right as you are starting your day. It leaves you feeling tense and can play out throughout the rest of your waking hours. So the best thing to do would be to clean it, right? Except by the time we get home, we are exhausted, we just want to eat and watch some Shark Tank/America’s Next Top Model/Scandal before falling face down in … Read More

How to Build the Perfect Cheese Board

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How to Build the Perfect Cheese Board

 As the holidays are quickly approaching, more and more of us are spending a large amount of our time entertaining! One quick mention of having a friend over for a cup of spiked cider turns into a dozen friends and a punch bowl. And you know what pairs perfectly with friends and cocktails? The perfect cheese board, of course. They are so simple to put together, and you don’t have to worry about your make-up running, or ruining your fabulous outfit standing over the stove preparing some outrageous appetizer. To start, make sure that you have a sturdy serving platter, or even a large plank of rustic wood would do. I think it is important to have variety when it comes to food, and quality is exceptionally important. You have to eat, so why not eat well?! Plan on buying 3-4oz. of cheese per person, and having at least 3 different varieties … Read More

Fresh Fall Produce Guide

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Fall Produce Guide

Hello fellow foodies! – It’s Rhea from Hot Dog it’s a Food Blog. I first off wanted to introduce myself as a soon-to-be familiar face here at idieh design, bringing you all things foodie, in the kitchen, and out and about. Even though I live in the desert, I am a leaf-changing-obsessed, pumpkin-spice-fanatic, and the fall season is my spirit animal. With the cooler temps, comes a whole slew of fresh produce to the markets, and I take every opportunity to hit up every local farmer’s market that I can, especially in the fall. There’s something about supporting local, and picking out in-season produce that just makes a girl’s heart sing. There’s something wrong about finding watermelon in the store in February. It is important to buy in season, not only to keep your wallets full, but to ensure that you are getting the freshest possible product. Fall produce is … Read More

7 Quick & Simple Steps to Organize Your Mind

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7 Quick & Simple Steps to Organize Your Mind

 “I was always hurtling headlong through the day, checking things off my to-do list, constantly picturing completion . . . Only, when I reached that ineffable . . . whatever . . . would I be totally satisfied.” Does that quote (from the book 10% Happier) sound familiar? When I first read it, I underlined it, starred it and wrote, “YES! THIS” next to it. That was how much that quote resonated with how I moved through life. But if doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to be constantly on that knife-edge of anxiety with your never-ending to-do list and demands of your job, family and others. You CAN actually find some zen in your life and not feel as though you are constantly “hurtling” through your day. This may all sound a little woo-woo to you – but hear me out. I promise, I used to … Read More

Let’s Flamingle Birthday Party! // Phoenix, Arizona

Heidi Moore • DIY lifestyle

Flamingo Birthday Party

When celebrating the big no. 2, what else is there to do but Flamingle?! When my good friend, Lindsey (who is also the fabulous event manager at El Chorro), came to me with the idea to throw a flamingo-themed birthday party for her soon-to-be two-year-old munchkin, I was more than excited. It was a flawless event filled with pink tropical decor that was SO on point, not to mention, it all was made possible in collaboration with some of our favorite industry friends. Even better, it was featured on Style Me Pretty Living! Check out all the details below. It will leave you yearning to host your own flamingle shin-dig. How perfect are these flamingo desserts from Ruze Cake House?! Cupcakes, cake pops, macaroons AND cake! This family just warms my heart. Lindsey and Roy love their little girl so much and it was so fun to see as they celebrated her … Read More

The Raddest Back to School Supplies EVER

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Sigh– summer is almost gone. But YAY for back to school, fall, holidays, leaves, layers, and pumpkins. I mean, we still have a couple weeks left until September arrives, but it’s actually the perfect time to start getting your ducks in a row (aka all of your supplies) for back to school. Whether you’re nudging your little into first grade or getting ready for your first day of college, these are the supplies you totally want to kick start your school year and make you the raddest kid around.   1. Back to School Bento Box Because compartmentalized lunch has never looked so darn cute. 2. Mean Girls Pencils These are definitely conversation starters! Your seat mate will be totally jelly when she sees these, BUT she’ll know you have great taste and voila! A friendship is born. 3. Sushi USB To pair with your bento box, duh! Ha, kidding. … Read More