DIY Motherhood T-shirts

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DIY Motherhood T-shirts

My little girl, Luna, just turned one last week. She’s my first baby and man, oh man, she brings so much love, joy & pure bliss to our lives. To say the past year flew by is an understatement (cue all the tears), but I’m also very, very excited for what the next year has in store in this journey of motherhood. So excited that this very journey inspired me to create these DIY Motherhood t-shirts that resonate so much with me at this stage in life and I thought they might just do the same for you, my fellow mommas.

DIY Motherhood T-shirts

DIY Motherhood T-shirtsCricut® recently reached out asking me to design a collection of t-shirts. I immediately knew where my inspiration would come from: my baby girl and my first year of being a mom. I created a DIY Motherhood T-shirt Collection that communicates exactly what my mind is thinking. Introducing the “True Mom Thoughts” DIY motherhood t-shirt collection by idieh design.

“Tired as a Mother.”True Mom Thoughts DIY T-shirt“Hello to the Freakin’ Weekend.”True Mom Thoughts DIY T-shirt“Nope, Not Adulting Today.”

DIY Motherhood T-shirtsCall my crazy, but I’m going to go as far as saying that ALL moms have had these “True Mom Thoughts” run through their mind at one time or another and I’m just here to help them express them. I even included the littles and have a pretty good idea of what they are thinking, too. {wink}

“Nope, Not Napping Today.”True Mom Thoughts DIY T-shirt

So, here’s to letting the world know what you’re really thinking as a momma and not feeling a ounce of guilt for it. Own it. Rock it. And do it all with style.

It’s so easy to create these t-shirts (and more!) with your CRICUT EXPLORE™. Check out my past collection of projects I’ve created with the help of my Cricut®. See what Cricut® had to say about my tees, too!

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