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DIY Valentine Card

It’s my favorite time of year. Do you know why?! I’ll give you one hint – hearts are everywhere! My heart skips a beat when I walk into stores and they are DECKED out in all things pink and red and hearts are flying everywhere. What’s not to love about the Valentine’s season?

For some, hearts are beating a mile a minute with love for their special someone. For others, they are prepping for a girls night out to go see How to Be Single with tons of candy and their best girl friends. You either love it or hate it. It’s either a heart pumping celebration of true L-O-V-E with your sweetie or an ode to the single life.

No matter if you’re single, dating, married or just enjoying life as it is this Valentine’s Day, embrace it! The best way I know how to embrace the joy of crushing is with my main man. Peace up, A-town!

Every Valentine’s Day calls for showering your besties with goodies. What better way to share the love than with pics of Usher?! Come on now. To create these DIY Valentines Usher Style, all you need is white card stock and you’ll be all set to share the love with all your favorite friends. MAKE YOUR OWN NOW

DIY Valentines

This year is the first year I’m celebrating Happy Heart Day with my husband. Yes, that’s right. I have a husband. How crazy is that?! To say our bright, modern wedding was like Valentine’s Day on steroids would not be an overstatement. To see more, check out all the pics from the fab Amy & Jordan Photography.




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Happy Heart Day, loves!


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