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If you don’t know, now you know…I absolutely LOVE Halloween. I’ve dressed up since I can remember and that will probably never change. (I also usually end up making some portion of my costume and this year it was that crazy headpiece. WOAH. Talk about some work.)

Last year I had this idea to create a Halloween costume that focused mostly on makeup (with a few details in the costume). I reached out to a few fellow industry rockstars and asked if they would be onboard to create a “how-to” for the makeup application. They were totally game and it was more than a success. I then quickly decided I wanted to send a Halloween card out to my network of friends, family, friendors and clients to make the most of the collaboration and it was a HUGE hit!

That’s where it all began. I decided every year that this would be my thing. Instead of sending out your expected holiday or New Year’s card, I would wish everyone a Happy Halloween. So, without further ado, I present to you this year’s Halloween creation…Maleficent.

(The card will be debuting tomorrow on the blog!)


Interested in executing this look for your own unique Maleficent costume? Follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way!

Apply an eye primer all over the eye lid, the inner eye, up to the brow bone, in the bottom water line as well as underneath the bottom lashes. Take a highlighting eyeshadow and apply it all over the eye lid, tear duct, the inner bottom of the eye line, and right under the arch of the brow. Then apply your first contour color in the crease.

Use a black eye liner and an angled liner brush to blend a smudged line all on the top lash line. Start thin on the inner eye and make it fuller towards the outer corner. Once the liner is on, grab your two dark eye shadows and with a blending brush, start applying the dark shadow to the outer eyelid and rock it in the crease.

Apply mascara to top lashes and apply black eyeliner to the bottom outer corner of the eye. Apply the lash using your fingers or a pair of tweezers. Start on the outer corner of the eye and work your way in. Once the lash is on, let it set and cover the band with another layer of black liner.

Bold brow time! Maleficent’s brows are strong, defined, and dark so don’t be shy with your application. Start at the base of the brow and draw a strong line up to the arch. Grab more eyeshadow and start filling in the body of the brow up to the arch. The tail of the brow should be thin and diffused. Add shadow until your brow is dark enough!

Now for the fair Maleficent complexion. Use the smallest amount of white cream color from Ben Nye mixed with MAC’s Prolongwear concealer in NW15 to achieve this look. The skin just needs to look fair and porcelain, not ghostly. Set the foundation with a setting powder and contour the cheeks heavily if you aren’t using prosthetics for the cheek bones (that would be fun, too!). Add the softest flush to the apples of the cheeks with a hint of blush.

LAST STEP…and my favorite. Red lips! Use an eye primer all over the lip to cancel the natural lip color and to help hold the red lipstick on. Use a complimentary lip pencil to outline the lip then continue to fill in the rest of the lip with the pencil. Top off the lips with a bold red lipstick such as MAC’s Ruby Woo lipstick and finish it off with a gloss.






Make sure to tag @idiehdesign on Instragram and use hashtag #idiehHalloween if you decide to rock this look. I would LOVE to see your creation!

This amazingness made possible by:

Go check out their work! They are talented beyond words.

Headpiece by myself. 


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