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It’s almost here! No, I’m not talking about President’s Day…but that’s right around the corner, too. I’m talking about VALENTINE’S DAY! I honestly don’t think I love Valentine’s Day for it’s true purpose,but rather for all the heart candy that is produced, the fun, festive red & pink color combos you see, and quite simply just the fact that the simple graphic shape of a heart is used…a LOT.

Let’s cut right to the chase. This year I have me a man. (Please try to keep your gasp to a minimum.) While on the hunt for the perfect gift, (I LOVE to give gifts!), I found that nothing was really catching my eye. My sister quickly reminded me that while my love language is “Gifts” (aka I like to recieve gifts –  don’t act like you aren’t with me on this), “the boy” appreciates thoughtful gestures, spending quality time together, blah blah blah. (Just kidding, he’s the sweetest.) So, instead of continuing on the hunt for the perfect gift, I decided to make my own. Introducing The Book of Love Coupons. I customized this little book with multiple coupons that said boy can redeem anytime he pleases. AND, they are all activities that require me to stop working (yeah, it’s a slight addiction) and the two of us to have some fun! YAY!

So, I decided I would share the love. For all you out there that are scrambling for a last minute gift idea for the hubs, your loverboy, or whatever name you might call them, I’m coming to the rescue. I’ve created a FREE printable of your very own LOVE Coupon Book. You simply download, print & cut it out, fill in coupon ideas unique to you and your significant other and voila! You have yourself an instant Valentine’s Day gift, that quite honestly, keeps on giving. Win, win. You can thank me later.

(If you made it this far in the post, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Watch out for a Valentine’s Day special in The Love & Laughter Shop tomorrow. One day ONLY!)

Side note: Take the quiz here to let me know what YOUR love language is.

CONDITIONS OF USE: All idieh design & THE LOVE & LAUGHTER SHOP downloads are for personal, non-commercial use ONLY. Please do not redistribute and/or modify any of the downloads. If you’d like to link to the PDF, please link to this post directly. Thank you!


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